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The Plague of Frogs is spreading across the blockchain to decentralize opportunity and to empower our holders.

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Who are we?


To develop a system that utilizes the blockchain to decentralize opportunity and bring transparency to business models with and for their respective communities inside and outside the NFT space.

What is
the plague?

We named our community The Plague for two reasons. First, to represent our intention of spreading our message and growing our community like a virus (but a good virus). Second, as a nod to the biblical plague of frogs sent to disturb a corrupt system.

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The Manifesto

We the Frogs, are simply expecting the equality of opportunity. And that opportunity is what we are coming after. That is what Web3 represents to us.

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Meet the Frogs


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What We've Done



Helping human beings is key to decentralizing opportunity. Therefore one of our core tenants is to “Plague the world with charity”.



Every great brand has a great community that supports it. Very few brands support or reward their community in return. Our goal is to create business models that change the one-way consumer to brand relationship paradigm that exists today.



How will we “Plague the world with opportunity?” We are striving to create systems that bring transparency through blockchain and that foster business plans that decentralize opportunity. While equal outcomes are impossible. Equal opportunity is necessary.

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Stake your frog

Frogs Emit $FRG When you stake your frog you earn the Plague utility token ($FRG). Learn about $FRGhere
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3 / 100 $FRG
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69 / 420 $FRG
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300 / 350 $FRG
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We Be Killin' It

There is a reason we call the The Plague community the "Army of Frogs". Our stats on twitter show exactly why. The Plague is spreading...


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Spreading The Plague

In the coming months, you will be able to utilize our “Plague Omni-chain Proliferation” process to burn an ETH Frog and mint a mini-collection of new frogs on other chains. Stay tuned for details.

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The Pond Is Calling

We’ve got one of the most supportive communities in the NFT space! Come hang out with likeminded frogs.

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